Flood Apocalypse!
Dam breach! Suddenly devastating flood waters are careening down the mountain and directly at your home. Will you save the village, your family and friends? Thoughtful, decisive choices are critical. Are you equal to the challenge?
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You are embarking on a journey into the unknown. There will be challenges and quests ahead. You have to be prepared for anything so first up -  select your power suit (just in case you need it). *

Select your suit by clicking one of the text buttons below the images.
* The app will auto scroll to the next question each time you select a response.

Every member of the team is important for success and plays a key role in the safety of the group. Which role best describes you? *

You will carry tools and other items on the journey. Backpacks will be issued and since they need to be tailored for your journey they will have to be specially made by your team. *

Which task are you best suited for?

Fill your backpack with three (3) items from the inventory below.  Select tools that will be most useful to you on the journey. *

After choosing your three tools click "Ok" at the bottom of the screen.

There are a few loose ends to tie up before heading out. *

Which task will you tackle?

Most people say they want to go East. You have evidence that says West is best. *

What do you do?

Shortly after starting out, you come across a peddler on the road who offers you a choice from a group of four items. *

Which one will you choose?

Around Noon you catch up with the lead  group. They are resting in a wooded area that you know could be unsafe. *

What do you do?

As evening arrives people say they are hungry and want to eat. *

What do you do?

It's late and with no electricity to power lights and heaters, it's grown dark and cold in the camp. *

What do you do?

Huge animal tracks are discovered at first light. They look like tracks from a large predator. *

What do you do?

Building a wall around the encampment will keep out intruders and predators. *

What do you do?

News about plans to build the wall needs to be communicated to the others. *

What do you do?

It's planting season! Everyone gets tools and implements for building, repairs, and farming. *

What do you do?

A few supplies are running low. Because these supplies must remain in a cool, dark climate, they're kept in an subterranean cavern. *

What do you do?

Someone or something is breaking in and taking supplies at night. *

What do you do?

One of guys responsible for the herd forgot to bring it in last night - again. So the animals need to be returned to their enclosures. *

What do you do?

Adventures are best experienced with a true companion. Each of these tamed animals has unique skills from which you can benefit. *

Select one.

The soil tests show that the land will support all types of crops. This is great news. *

What do you do?

To help out, you've volunteered to do a difficult job. But after starting, you find that you are challenged to get it done and maybe someone else might be better suited to complete this job. *

What do you do?

The scouting party has returned from the highland lake with alarming news. It seems that the old dam can’t hold much longer. *

What do you do?

Regardless what might happen if there is a flood, you know that preparations should be initiated. *

What do you do?

Evacuation drills are held so everyone will know what to do and where to assemble in case of flooding. *

What will you do?

To boost everyone’s spirits, a sporting tournament is proposed. *

What role will you take on?

You remember hearing that birds can sense impending natural disasters, such as a flood, and will fly away from the danger. *

What do you do?

It's been raining hard for two straight days and now erosion is weakening the main bridge supports. Evacuation will be difficult or impossible without this bridge. *

What do you do?

A large group has gathered. They are discussing which escape route to follow should the dam break.* *

What do you do?

There are several abandoned paths near the village and although in bad shape, they could offer a direct route to safe, high ground. *

What do you do?

The path is clear!  Everyone and their belongings can be transported to safety, but only if there is enough fuel in the already low supply. *

What do you do?

The evacuation was a successful and you have all arrived safely at the new village site. The first priority is village security and protection. *

What do you do?

Rebuilding the village requires a lot of muscle to complete. Every able body will be needed. *

What task will you complete?

The final big project is creating a system to transport water from the highland lake to the village. *

What will you do to help?

Group leaders are encouraging everyone to gather on the new village green to share, comment, and speak about recent events. *

What is your role?

Every quest undertaken earned points for you. In fact you scored an excess of point needed!

Unfortunately others villagers (players) didn't score as many and consequently might be left behind. But you can help those villagers if you want to. *

What do you want to do?

Ahhh, the end of a long and very successful day and journey! *

What do you do now?

Congratulations, you completed the journey. Thanks for playing!

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